Where to Stay in Miami: 5 ‘Gayboorhoods’ You Should Visit

Not so sure where to stay in Miami? We have selected the coolest neighborhoods from which to see and experience this city where the heat is always on. 

South Beach

South Beach literally refers to the southern end of Miami Beach. Although it is a relatively small area, it has got a whole lot of character and personality. Here, you will find Fifth Street where the most famous parties come alive, the Ocean Drive where you can admire the iconic Art Deco architecture that is painted in a palette of pastel pink set against the blue skies, and the buzzing boulevards that are home to several shopping malls and astonishing restaurants. The area has a buzzing day and night and is arguably the best place to experience Miami’s fascinating nightlife. 

Downtown Miami 

Miami’s downtown is the destination’s financial, commercial, and cultural center. It is a bustling area packed with towering skyscrapers, fascinating museums and art galleries, as well as high-end malls and entertainment venues. Those looking for shopping and fun may find themselves at Bayside Marketplace. In contrast, history buffs may find their way to Downtown Miami Historic District, which features a collection of about 60 ancient structures from the 1920s. For a more enriching experience, head to the iconic Freedom Tower, which was once the headquarters for Miami News and is now serving as an educational and cultural center. 

Wynwood A.K.A The Design District 

The Design District is a creative neighborhood where travelers can shop, dine, admire modern art and design, and enjoy amazing events. Home to over 100 flagship stores like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Balenciaga, it is regarded as one of the greatest shopping areas in the world. Additionally, this district is surrounded by some of the best architecture in the country such as the award-winning Museum Garage. 


Mid-Beach is known for its more relaxed yet slightly party-ish vibe and holds some of Miami’s most celebrated hotel beach clubs and dining venues. For those who want a vibrant yet not-so-crowded beach vacation, Mid Beach is the one for you. 

Little Havana 

Little Havana is the country’s most popular Cuban-American neighborhood. This Latin area formed in the 1960s is a major center of social, cultural, and political life in Miami. Not only that, it is best known for its street life, food, music, small businesses, and political passion. Some of the most anticipated festivals happen here every year including the Calle Ocho Festival, Cultural Fridays, and the Three Kings Parade. 

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july, 2024

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